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Most all my machining projects have been geared to small machines.  Currently, I have Taig lathe and milling
machine, but have had Sherline (and others) in the past.  Both good machines for their intended purposes.

I also have a 6" Atlas lathe, which I use for all my "big" projects.  A really nice machine, and I have a separate
page for it.  Scroll down until you see the Atlas section and click on it if you're interested. 

You can get back to this page from any of the other web pages here.  Just go to the bottom of any page, and look for the Taig link.

  I like the Taig machines.  They're  sturdy, and will do any of the normal machining operations within their size range.   I bought
my Taig lathe with just the basics, and about a year and a half later bought my Taig mill as a complete machine, ready to go.
Taig sells many accessories for their machines, and I've purchased a number of them since buying my lathe. There are many
tooling items that a person may need though, which are either kind of spendy, or just not readily available in certain sizes. 
Sometimes you just have to make what you want.  Sometimes you need a certain tool to complete a project in progress.
That's what this page is about, and it's geared toward the Taig machines.

You'll notice that some of the tooling projects are rather utilitarian, while others are "prettier".  The main consideration in any case
is an item built with the accuracy required for it to do its' job properly.

Here are a few of the projects I've made on the Taig(s).

Projects for the Taig Lathe

Making a Filing Rest for
the Taig Lathe

Making Small Springs on the Lathe
Part 1: Extension Springs

Part 2: Compression Springs

A Follow Rest for the Taig Lathe

A Lead screw For the
Taig Lathe

Making Multipoint Gear Cutters

Head Stock Indexing Plate

Extended Dead Center

An Auxiliary Spindle for the Taig Lathe

Gear Cutting on the Taig Lathe

Taig Arbor for a Slitting Saw

A Dividing Head for the Taig Lathe

Compound Slide/Milling Attachment

A Head Stock Center for the
Taig Spindle Taper

Mill Projects

Making a Counter Bore
in the Taig Shop

A fly cutter for the Taig Mill

A Flex Wrench

Oooo...  A New Mill in the Shop.

Indexer Project (Feb 2000)

Building a Screwless Vise
Part One
Part Two
Part Three

Making T-nuts

Building a Rotary Table
for the Taig Mill

Building a Boring Head
for the Taig Mill

An Indicator Stand for
Taig Machines

Stuck Arbor?
(Got an arbor stuck on your
head stock spindle and don't
want to use a pipe wrench to
loosen it?)


Shop Built Engines

Duplex Vacuum Engine
(includes video)

A Horizontal Steamer
from Rudy's prints

(includes video)

A Miniature Propane Burner
(includes video)

Building a Rocker Engine
(Includes video)

A Vertical Steam engine
(Includes video)

Pee Wee Wobbler

(Includes video)

Low Temp Diff engine

Rudy Kouhoupt engine

An I.C. Engine from the Home Shop

(Includes video)

V-twin Wobbler

Horizontal Steam engine

(Includes video)

An ongoing Clock Making

Black Powder Wrench

Miscellaneous Projects

Making Little Bits...
(Knurling without a knurler.)

A Powder Trickler
(For the Reloader)

Atlas 6" Lathe Stuff
Click on the big picture!

I also have some interest in the Craftsman AA109 Lathe. 

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