This is the most recent engine to come from my small machine shop.
It's from a design by Rudy Kouhoupt, and the prints can still be had today in
the form of the book The Shop Wisdom of Rudy Kouhoupt, vol I.

Kouhoupt was very popular with those of us who mainly use smaller machine tools, in
the size range of the Taig lathe and mill, or Sherline and Unimat machines.  For years
he had a column called "The Mirco Machinist" in Home Shop Machinist magazine, where
he would show how many things could be done on small machines.  He left us scores
of projects in the form of his articles and books.

Rudy passed away a few years back, but there are many of us still building his designs,
and there is no reason not to continue.  Everything I've seen from him ove the years
was well thought out and properly drawn.

This engine took me about 2 1/2 months from first cut to running engine.  It could be
built quite a bit faster than that, depending on how many hours a day spent machining.
I'm rarely in any kind of hurry when building something just for the pleasure of it.
It is built completely from bar stock, using a Taig lathe and Taig milling machine.

Flywheels are 4.25" diameter.  Bore of .625" and stroke of 1.00".  It runs nice and slow
 on air at about 4 psi, and will really get right along on 20 psi.
Overall length of the engine is about 10".
Hope you like it!

Here's a short video of it running at various speeds between 4 psi and 20 psi.

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