Using the Taig blank arbor for a slitting saw.

This is a quick and easy project.  Taig sells blank arbors that are threaded for the headstock on the
lathe.  Get the kind that has the end cap and threaded hold down hole in the end for this project.

First, clean the threads inside the large threaded hole in the arbor.  Sometimes there's a little stuff
in there.  Clean your headstock threads too.  Then thread the arbor onto the headstock nice and snug
Measure the inside diameter of the saw you wish to use, and machine a stub on the end of the arbor
the same size, and about .002" narrower than your saw.  In other words, if the hole in your saw is
.750" in diameter, make the mounting stub the same.  If the saw is .032" thick, make the stub .030" thick.
Check the saw for a fit on the stub.  It should just barely go on.  No slop.  The stub must be narrower
than the saw to prevent it from spinning when you tighten down the cap on the arbor.

Should look something like this when you check for fit.

Now, that's just too easy a job not to have one of these in your tool chest.

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copyright Dean Williams