The Indexer Arbor

The arbor is simply a suitable shaft that runs through the bore in the indexer body. 
You will have to make one to suit the machine and equipment you want to use to mount
the part you intend to index.  I have made a number of arbors for the indexer that I made
in this project.

One of them, shown being turned in the shot above, is used to hold a chuck with 3/4-16 mounting
threads.  A threaded rod is turned down for a suitable length that will run through the bore in the
indexer, and threads are left on a portion of the rod for mounting the chuck.  The opposite end of
the rod is machined to take a dividing plate, (one example of which is shown on another page).

Another kind of arbor is shown above.  This can be threaded to take a bolt that will hold
a gear blank, with the other end bored for one end of the indexer shaft, with a set screw
to hold it tight to the shaft.

You will find a couple of examples on the


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Feb 2000