Kodak Retinette with bad lens
Polaroid 200 film
(nee Agfa/Wal Mart cheapo)
one hour processing

I had a couple hours to kill this morning, so I took the Bad Lens
Retinette for a quick spin around town.

Something peaceful for the opener.

Keeping with the cemetery theme...
Wide open, minimum focus distance.

Something for the kiddies

Blew the Daffs a bit.  I thought this film was iso 100, and that's what I rated
it for.  Didn't find out it was 200 'til I took it out of the camera.

Tower thing at the playground.  It was 6:15 am, so no kids around.

Motif at the water works.

My surviving pooch, Tip.  We both miss old Joe.

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