a neat little folder from Germany

I don't know much about the Balda company, or even Baldinettes,
but I know enough to know that they work very well, you know?

It folds up quite small.  The big knob on the lower left is the
wind knob and the button next to is is the wind release.
You push it, you hear a little "snap" and then you can wind
the film (35mm) to the next frame.

The f3.5 Radionar.  I turned it left.  I turned it right.
I couldn't get it to pick up any good stations, though.

Button on left is the front standard release.  The one on the right
is the shutter release, next to the rewind knob.

It has a comprehensive depth of field scale on the back,
which is handy with a scale focusing camera.
Get a load of that tiny viewfinder hole!

I shot some B&W film, naturally, and some color (which ain't natural ! ).

Just in case you can't find your way in, they've painted
on some footprints.


(this is a bed and breakfast.  the fire hydrant is an outhouse).

This old building has seen better days.  At least it hasn't been torn
down.  Beautiful old places like this are always being leveled for newer,
unbelievably ugly boxes with windows.  There outta be a law!

Coffee hut.  There used to be coffee houses.
This is just the natural progression in our de-evolution.

No Littering, No Loitering.  No Polarizer, either!

Top o' the stairs.

Winchester Lake

He gave up surgery.

B&W film:  Foma 400 in D76 1:1  12 min.
Color film:  Polaroid cheapo, (Agfa).
Light meter:  sometimes

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copyright 2005 Dean Williams