Ansco Shur Flash

The Ansco Shur Flash is the most basic of
box cameras, and except for the fact that
it has flash contacts has no special features.
That's OK though.  It doesn't need any.  What it
does have that makes up for things like no bulb
setting or adjustable apertures is a lens that
provides for sharper than average (for box
cameras) prints, and what seems to be a
slightly faster than average shutter
speed, for photos free of shake induced blur.

Another better than average feature is an honest to
goodness eye level viewfinder.  No looking through
tiny waist level finders, trying to find your subject.
The shutter release is actually pretty smooth, and
the wind knob is easy to get a grip on.  Except for the
Broken plastic handle, this camera is in great shape.

To load your film (120!  Hoo Yaa!) open the back
by lifting slightly on the clasp and pull out on
the wind knob.  then you can remove the film carrier
and load up with any of a number of currently
available film emulsions.   Makes 6x9 cm negs.

I loaded some JC Pro 100 from JandC photo
and took a little road trip.  Film developed in PC-TEA
and printed full frame on Arista EDU rc paper.

The old part of Lewiston has a small park/rest area
on old main st.  This is a fountain sculpture made of
bronze, and in the summer water is squirting out of
it all over the place.  In the winter folks are kind
enough to dress the children in old socks and scarves.

Another metal work sculpture in the park.  I don't know
what it does, but it looks cool.

MykleBust's back entrance.  The sky was
overcast with bright white clouds.  The
lens has no coating, and the bright clouds
 seem to have produced a bit of flare here.

On the way home, and searching for a
barn, (I can't help myself), I pulled off
the road for a shot of this old homestead.
This is the only angle I could get without
trespassing, so I settled for a silhouette.

Last stop before I get back into my home territory is
the CADILAC RANCH.  No, not a place for guys to indulge
in their base desires.  Just grub and gas.  The tires on
the Caddy spin constantly.

Once again, thanks for checking in!

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copyright 2005 Dean Williams